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Wednesday Nights of Petri Nets and their Extensions (WN-PNE)

Year 2021 has started… And it also seems that the COVID-19 pandemic will keep on raging all around the world for quite a bit. With that much of uncertainty, why not to spend lockdown evenings with a cup of warm tea and in the company of world-class researchers?  

Petri nets have been at the core of concurrency for more than 50 years. Many valuable, foundational properties were discovered for ordinary P/T-nets, in turn allowing them to be used for modelling and analysing complex systems. At the same time, ordinary P/T-nets are not expressive enough to attack concrete theoretical and industrial problems. This pushes both researchers and practitioners towards finding extensions that suit better their tasks.

WN-PNE is a virtual event that brings together Petri net researches and enthusiasts from all around the world working on the theory and practice of Petri nets and their extensions (data-aware, multi-agent, algebraic/logic, time etc.). The focus of the event is to present ongoing research as well as more foundational contributions to the domain, and provide opportunities for discussion on possible future developments. We also hope that WN-PNE will inspire young researchers and help to foster new collaborations.

The talks happen every Wednesday at 17:00 (CET/UTC+1) in a dedicated Zoom meeting (the link will be provided to all registered participants in advance and published at this page), starting on Wednesday, February 3 of 2021. Each talk lasts for 1 hour with additional time given for question answering, and its recording will be made public on this webpage. The seminars will continue in 2022.

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Here you can find the YouTube playlist with the talk recordings.

Past and Scheduled Seminars

February 3 | 17:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 1

Modeling and Describing Behavior along Multiple Behavioral Dimensions
Dirk Fahland
Associate Professor, Analytics for Information Systems group at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

February 10 | 17:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 2

Petri Net-based Object-centric Processes with Read-only Data
Andrey Rivkin
Postdoctoral Researcher, KRDB Research Center for Knowledge and Data, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

February 17 | 17:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 3

Modeling the Interplay between Data and Processes
Jan Martijn van der Werf
Assistant Professor, Utrecht University

February 24 | 9:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 4

Entropy-Based Conformance Checking Between Designed and Real-World Processes
Artem Polyvyanyy
Senior Lecturer, The University of Melbourne

March 3 | 17:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 5

HERAKLIT: How to Model Reliable Big Systems
Wolfgang Reisig
Professor (em.), Computer Science Institute of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

March 17 | 17:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 6

Anti-alignments in Conformance Checking
Thomas Chatain
Assistant Professor, École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay

March 24 | 17:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 7

Multi-Perspective Process Mining and Verification
Massimiliano de Leoni
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Padua

March 31 | 17:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 8

Revisiting Petri Nets: Adding Objects While Enforcing Lucency
Wil van der Aalst
Full Professor, RWTH Aachen University, Process and Data Science (PADS) Group

April 14 | 17:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 9

Structure-Preserving Process Model Repair
Alexey Mitsyuk
Senior Research Fellow, HSE University, Faculty of Computer Science, PAIS Lab

April 21 | 10:00 (CET/UTC+1) - WN-PNE 10

Automated Repair of Process Models with Non-Local Constraints Using State-Based Region Theory
Anna Kalenkova
Research Fellow In Process Mining, The University of Melbourne, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, School of Computing and Information Systems

The WN-PNE is jointly organised by the PAIS Lab (HSE University) and the KRDB group (Free University of Bolzano). 

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All the events will be hosted by: Irina Lomazova (PAIS lab), Marco Montali (KRDB group), Alexey Mitsyuk (PAIS lab), Andrey Rivkin (KRDB group)

Please write to anyone of us in case you have questions or want to propose yourself as a speaker!
For example, you can reach Alex using this address amitsyuk at hse dot ru.


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