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Students of the Faculty of Computer Science Delivered Reports at PAIS Lab Seminar

The following speakers presented their reports at PAIS Seminar: Rinat Yusupov (Mining causal relations on events from logs), Yana Manukhina (Process mining approach to user interface design), Maxim Savitsky (Performance analysis using software process mining), Alexander Yugov (Discovering service oriented architecture antipatterns using process mining).

Honorary Lecture 'Data Science: The Science of Big Data' by Wil van der Aalst

On May 28 HSE Honorary Professor, Professor at the Technical University of Eindhoven, Wil van der Aalst delivers a lecture on 'Data Science: The Science of Big Data'.

Seminar on 'Verification of Multi-Agent System Models via Nested Petri Net Unfoldings'

Vera Ermakova, HSE master's student presented the report 'Verification of Multi-Agent System Models via Nested Petri Net Unfoldings' at PAIS seminar.

Seminar 'On Place Invariants of Nested Petri Nets'

Leonid Dworzanski, Senior Lecturer at the School of Software Engineering delivered the report 'On Place Invariants of Nested Petri Nets'.

PAIS Lab Seminar: Comparing business models using graph-edit distance // S. Ivanov

At the session of our seminar Sergey Ivanov (research assistant at PAIS Lab, 4-year student at CSF of HSE) succesfully presented the talk on subject: Comparing business models using graph-edit distance.

PAIS Lab Seminar: Eugeny Mistyukov and Ivan Shugurov

At the session of PAIS Lab seminar were presented two talks by the research assistants of the Lab.
Talk by E. Mistyukov - Log-based transition system recovery.
Talk of I. Shugurov - GENA: Generator of artificial event logs. Current state of work.

PAIS Lab Seminar: research assistants Antonina Begicheva and Natalia Nikitina

Two talks from the research assistants of PAIS Lab.
Antonina Begicheva: Conformance checking algorithms for Petri nets. Natalia Nikitina: Petri net 2D-Layout Algorithms.

Dr.ir. Wil van der Aalst became a HSE Honorary Professor

Dr.ir. Wil van der Aalst became a HSE Honorary Professor. World-Wide-known dutch computer scientist awarded by HSE Academic Council for his enormous contribution in University's research, educational programs, and international reputation.

PAIS Lab Seminar: Computational models in software engineering // D. Zagorulkin

Dmitry Zagorulkin (Sberbank CIB former Troika Dialog)
Feb 02, 2014 - 18:10 - aud. 402

In this presentation I would like to introduce the most popular models of computation and to show how to apply these models for solving concurrency problems, such as reference cell problem, mutual exclusion problem, dining philosophers problem. Also I will show how to use different computational models in modern programming languages such as Java and Erlang.


New research assistants at the PAIS Lab

Research Assistant competition was held in January. 14 is the total number of applications.