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Gena: Event Log Generator


Gena is a simple tool which allows to generate a set of event logs by executing the process model. It is useful in testing and evaluation of process mining algorithms. Moreover, Gena has some simulation capabilities. Gena supports two important notations used in business process modelling and process mining.

It allows to specify variety of options and effects of process execution. It is possible to add artificial noise in the log.

You may download Gena at the page.


Gena is implemented as a set of plugins for ProM 6.4 Framework:

  • Basic (simple) log generator
  • Extended BPMN log generator
  • Time-aware log generator
  • Data-aware log generator

Supported notations (in ProM-formats):

  • Petri (P/T) nets
  • BPMN 2.0

Gena 2

The second version of Gena tool is a stanalone application based on the algorithms of Gena with additional features.

Among these features are:
- simulation of Petri nets with inhibitor and reset arcs

You can download Gena 2.1 as a jar-file here.
Gena 2 source code is open and published here.

Currently, Gena development is on hold.

Members of the project

Main members: Alexey A. Mitsyuk (project lead) | Ivan S. Shugurov (Gena, former member) | Pavel A. Pertsukhov (Gena 2, former member)
Other members: Anna A. Kalenkova (former member) | Roman A. Nesterov (former member)


Please cite the related paper in case you use the tool:
Shugurov I. S., Mitsyuk A. A. Generation of a Set of Event Logs with Noise (presented at SYRCoSE 2014, Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

  title={{G}eneration of a {S}et of {E}vent {L}ogs with {N}oise},
  author={Shugurov, I. S. and Mitsyuk, A. A.},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 8th Spring/Summer Young Researchers Colloquium on Software Engineering (SYRCoSE 2014)},

Other papers about Gena:

  1. Simulating Behavior of Multi-Agent Systems with Acyclic Interactions of Agents (Nesterov R.A., Mitsyuk A.A., Lomazova I.A.)
  2. Generating Event Logs for High-Level Process Models (Mitsyuk A. A., Shugurov I., Kalenkova A. A., van der Aalst W. M. P.)

How to install?

  1. Install modern version of the ProM Framework (promtools.org).
  2. Make sure, that you have installed all plugins nesessary for Gena. The easiest way is to install all plugins available in ProM Plugin manager.
  3. Download file gena.zip at the page.
  4. Unzip it in suitable place on your drive. There will be two files in the folder: gena.jar, ProM.ini
  5. gena.jar contains all nesessary java classes to deal with Gena together with ProM Framework implementation.

How to run?

  1. Open the folder where you unzipped Gena in Windows command prompt / *nix terminal.
  2. Run the gena.jar using command java -jar gena.jar
  3. An instance of the ProM Framework will be started with the Gena package connected to it.
  4. Simply type Gena in ProM plugins search field to see the list of available variants.

Source Code

Gena is an open source tool. To obtain its sources please follow this link to the repository.


A set of widgets for ProM plug-in development was made during work on this instrument.
You may download them at the page.

If you have any questions, please contact: amitsyuk AT hse.ru


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