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Iskra: Modular Process Repair

Modular Process Repair

This is one of research projects performed at the PAIS Lab. The goal of this project is to develop advanced process model repair techniques with modular architecture.

Members of the Project

Project lead: Alexey Mitsyuk
Project supervisors: prof. I. A. Lomazova | prof. W. M. P. van der Aalst
Students (actual project members): Want to be here? Send an e-mail to the project lead!
Students (former project members): Ivan Shugurov | Semen Tihonov | Vladislav Lipyanin | Dmitry Yakovlev

Your are welcome to e-mail comments/questions to us!


Results of this project are published in the following papers:
  • 2017 Non-Local Correction of Process Models Using Event Logs [link]
  • 2017 Process Model Repair by Detecting Unfitting Fragments [link]
  • 2017 Using Event Logs for Local Correction of Process Models [link] [link(ru)]
  • 2015 Iskra: A Tool for Process Model Repair [link]
  • 2019 A Method to Improve Workflow Net Decomposition for Process Model Repair [paper] [software] [data]
  • 2019 Structure-Preserving Process Model Repair Based on Event Logs [PhD Thesis]

Software and Data

A prototype software that implements the modular repair technique is called Iskra.
It is a plug-in for a well-known ProM 6 framework.
A source code of this plug-in is available in the [repository].
Test models, event logs, and supporting figures are published in the [shared space].


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